XpertsGsm Server - Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions : ( please read well )

1. Our services all are official and from carriers providers or from apple itselft 

2. we guarantee our services are done official and clean way 

3. any bad use of our services is out of our responsibility and we are not responsibile for any of such use . 

4. all services are guaranteed as 15 days only . you may ask why as they are official ? yes true they are official,

but as we do not know what the carrier may behave in the future , thats why we cant give life time warranty for any service provided on our website . ( like sprint company they had relocked all there phones last year , although the service were done officially ) . So , if you want to use unlocking services , use on your own risk . because the supplier will not refund us if any such case happened in the future . This is possible to happen with any unlocking website in the world, not only with us . but we tell you truth and be honest with all our customers so no problems happen in future.

5. there is no option of asking back your balance to paypal or your x account except for those who want to close their accounts for any reasons ... ( like some people are leaving unlocking business ) they can ask to refund their balance. 

but some people ask to refund back balance to paypal on each imei failure ! which is not accepted because its not good for paypal nor for us to do that . so we Only fo  refund balance if any order failed . so the balance reflected in your account and you can use it again for other services . 


6. we cannot cancel your order if requested even if its delayed, because it will processed with supplier, and some time he will be overloaded , but we can try if delayed too much to cancel for you , so better ask your customers more patience if such cases happened . 

Usually we are delivering 90% of our services on time ... and our customers knows that well . 


if you accept these rules then submit your orders with us . 

thanks for your business with us

XpertsGsm Unlocking Server Team